Harvesting Acorn Squash


How do you know when to harvest Acorn Squash? It is highly essential to pick fruits at the peak of flavors. Acorn Squash is quite famous among gardeners due to its high productivity and family-friendly size. It produces ribbed fruit with gold or green rinds. Acorn Squash is a versatile fruit that can be used in savory and sweet dishes. But when is the right time to harvest Acorn Squash? Immature gardeners may get confused.

Harvesting Acorn Squash:

Well, when it comes to harvesting the Acorn Squash, timing is everything. You want the squash to be slightly firm, sweet, and buttery. You don’t want it to be overripe or mushy at all. Inexperienced gardeners may get confused about how to harvest their Acorn Squash. You should harvest them when the rind becomes tough.

How do you know when to harvest Acorn Squash

When is Acorn Squash ripe?

When is Acorn Squash, and how do you know that it is the time to harvest them? Well, there are different ways you can tell that Acorn Squash is ready to be harvested. The following are a few ways to tell that your Acorn Squash is ripe:

  • Skin appearance:

An Acorn Squash, which is not ripened yet, is shinny. Once the Acorn Squash ripens, it loses its shine. Just bear in mind that the skin of the fruit is matte when it ripens. Also, an orange patch appears on the fruit area that sits on the ground. 

  • Skin texture:

By the skin texture of the fruit, you can figure out whether it is ripened or not. Pierce the skin of the fruit with a thumbnail. If the nail leaves a mark on the Acorn Squash’s skin, it means it is immature. A ripe Acorn Squash has tough skin, and it should not get the nail mark easily.

  • Vine condition:

The vine deteriorates when the Acorn Squash is ripe.

  • Harvest time:

You must know when it is the right time to harvest the Acorn Squash. They are usually ready to harvest in 80-100 days after sowing.

The flavor of the fruit develops as it ripens. The unripe Acorn Squash does not ripen after harvest. It would be watery, and the taste would also be not good at all.

When is Acorn Squash ripe

What to do after harvesting?

When it comes to picking Acorn Squash, you should use a knife to cut the squash from the vine. You should leave about an inch of the stem attached to the squash. Then take a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt.

You can store the squash in a dark, cool, and dry place for two to three months. If you plan to eat them, then store the Acorn Squash in the kitchen at room temperature. 

Do not cover the Acorn Squash or store in the refrigerator as it can spoil the fruit. In case you do not have a place to store Acorn Squash for a long period, then cut them in half and scrape out the seeds. Keep the cut side down in the oven and roast it at 3750 F for about 45 minutes. Then let it cool and scrape out the flesh.

Now store it in the airtight bag and put those bags in the freezer. In this way, the Acorn Squash will last for at least six months in the freezer.

Now you know when it is the right time to harvest it and how you can store it for the long term. Check out some delicious recipes of Acorn Squash dishes.

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Harvesting Acorn Squash

How do you know when to harvest Acorn Squash? It is highly essential to pick fruits at the peak of flavors. Acorn Squash is...

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