How Can You Bypass The Start Relay On Refrigerator?


If you really ask us about a refrigerator’s heart, we’d certainly tell its compressor as the answer. The compressor can turn on/off every so often for the effective cooling procedure, and for this particular reason, a relay is utilized for helping the compressor while working.

Symptoms & Signs Of A Bad Start Relay On Your Refrigerator:

The compressor of a refrigerator can compress the refrigerant, turning that into the liquid and reasoning it to really heat up. The refrigerant can lose heat from the condenser coils on the unit’s rear and then can pump the refrigerant through the expansion chamber, where it rapidly can vaporize and chill, making your refrigerator cold.

How Can You Bypass The Start Relay On Refrigerator

But a compressor does not run continually, just during the cooling process. It also requires help starting up every time the cooling cycle starts. It’s the refrigerator compressor relay’s job. If you see symptoms that your start relay is bad, like the refrigerator is not cooling, you will have to replace it.

  • Refrigerator Not Cooling:

The most apparent symptom that the start relay is not functioning is the lack of cooling reasoned when a compressor never starts up. You can frequently hear the irregular humming of your compressor during the day. If such sound never occurs and the temp in your fresh food section and the freezer starts to rise, then there’s a great chance your start relay is not working properly.

  • Clicking Relay Noise:

Every time your start relay kicks a compressor on, there’s an easy to hear click. This click occurs whether a compressor really comes on or not. If your compressor doesn’t come on when its start relay tries to begin, then a start relay will attempt again in a little while, which usually happens in the intervals of 2 to 5 minutes. Such repeated clicking is a possible signal that a start relay has broken and requires to be replaced.

  • The Rattle & Shake Test:

A physical test of your start relay can be the most effective method for determining whether it is functioning or not. A start relay can be found inside the same section with a compressor and is plugged into the main device’s back. Disconnect the refrigerator power and open up that section. 

Unplug its start relay from its compressor and shake it a little. If you can hear that rattling sound on the inside of it, then it’s bad and will need to be replaced. If it is not making rattling sounds and seems to be in a good state, you might have an issue with the compressor, and the compressor repairs are a lot more severe and expensive.

Symptoms & Signs Of A Bad Start Relay On Your Refrigerator

How Can You Bypass The Start Relay On A Refrigerator?

Relay is the electrical switch that can tell the compressor to switch on/off, relying on the temp inside your unit. If a relay stops functioning, the compressor will stop as well. The only solution for pulling you out from such a miserly is the bypass of your relay system.

Significant Safety Considerations:

The refrigerator compressor and relay relationship is a significant one that not just saves the energy and makes the correct operation of the appliance sure but also makes sure you’re your refrigerator does not overheat. If your unit gets extremely hot, other parts of your refrigerator may also go bad, wear out or overheat. If, in any way possible, you ought to evade bypassing your refrigerator relay. 

If you have to, do so for just a little while and then call an expert for assisting you in fixing your relay. Before you try to place the appliance into the bypass mode, you ought to first unplug it and switch off the power at your circuit breaker. Then, ask someone to help you in safely moving your refrigerator away from the wall. The refrigerators are not just heavy, but they are also a tipping hazard.

Start Relay On Refrigerator

Directly Starting The Compressor Without Any Relay:

Follow the safety considerations mentioned above before following the below steps.

  • Once you’ve moved your refrigerator away from the wall, find its cover plate at the refrigerator’s bottom rear. Take it away by making use of the screwdriver. Place that cover plate aside.
  • Then, disengage a metal box positioned in the lower rear of your device by flexing or pushing it. Once it’s been taken away, you’ll be capable of seeing the refrigerator’s relay system.
  • Push down on the space between your relay and its casing utilizing the flathead screwdriver. Then, press on your relay itself and take it out from your refrigerator.
  • Sliding a cable from the relay will make it easily reachable. For doing so, first, eliminate its metal connector that connects the cable to your relay system and then make use of the pliers for stripping some of the cables on either side.
  • Connect both the wire ends to your relay housing in the refrigerator utilizing the electrical tape. It’ll bypass that missing relay completely and complete your circuit.
  • Put your relay system metal box and then its cover plate back into the original places.

Once you’ve bypassed this start relay on the refrigerator, you have to follow a few pivotal steps for making certain everything works just fine until a skilled person comes for fixing it.

Next Steps:

Plug your refrigerator back in and switch its power back on. Now, you really have to monitor it for 3 to 4 hours for making certain that your compressor is working properly. If the compressor makes that humming sound or a clicking sound, it denotes that your relay itself was broken. Do not leave your refrigerator in a condition of relay bypass for too long as it might overload your compressor.

As stated earlier, it’s just a rapid temporary fix. Get in touch with a professional to get your refrigerator relay repaired as soon as possible and get it completely functional.

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